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Six 14 Industrial's Plasma Juice
Six 14 Industrial's Plasma Juice

Six 14 Industrial's Plasma Juice

Six 14 Industrial

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An environmentally compliant, biostable coolant, conditioner, and rust and corrosion inhibitor primarily for use in plasma, oxy, and waterjet cutting tables on a wide variety of metal surfaces.

Designed for cutting aluminum with plasma, when proper table control, concentration ratios, fluid levels, and safety measures are followed and maintained.

Maintains metal integrity on precision cuts, cools and quenches cutting surfaces, helps keep nozzles clean and free from build-up, protects ferrous components and processed parts from rust.

Helps prevent odors and bacteria in water-based systems and splits tramp oils for easy removal.

A non-tacky, non-discernible, non-staining, and easy-to-use solution that exhibits comprehensive surface coverage for improved metal cutting, welding, performance, and protection.

Does not contain oil or petroleum solvents, heavy metals, wax, silicone or nitrites, and is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, biodegradable, and non-VOC.

Recommended for use from 5 to 10% dilution (by tank volume).

Exhibits excellent stability and provides a long, reusable tank life in properly maintained systems. Facilitates post processing and handling, has no adverse effect on weld integrity or atmosphere. Easily identifiable green solution. Operator friendly.